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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Totally Inappropriate

Leonard Nimoy Dies 27 February 2015

I had such an inappropriate obsession with the Spock character, so here is my totally inappropriate poetic tribute --
Star Trek Again

Do you remember
lusting after the alien,
just devilish enough
for a teenage girl
to know it was so wrong
to want his hands on her,
to ache to see yearning
in his cold intellectual eyes?
How might that first forbidden desire
have encouraged
other adventures,
other dark quests,
for reluctant passions?

Leonard Nimoy Dies February 27, 2015

Anyone else remember Pon Farr? I actually got to interview Nimoy when he spoke at OU for the Oklahoma State Psychological Association in 1968. Liked him, but he was NOT Spock. Must have been a great actor...